Imagine Your Business- Aged to Perfection

your small business: aged to perfection

They don’t call it a launch for nothing! On opening day of any Startup, there is usually enough palpable energy inside any small business to blow the doors wide open. No need to unlock them. With the soft open, the ribbon cutting, the hearty congrats and warm wishes all around, the anticipation alone can energize several months.

Starting a business is very much like starting a vineyard–so fresh and full of hope. Every ray of sun beams for you. Every idea holds the promise of ultimate destiny.

Prepared business owners do their utmost to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. You have your dynamic business idea. Check. You have done your homework, made your plan, and have prepared the soil for success. Check, check, and check.

Now what? Do you just sit back and just watch your business grow?

It is always a surprise to small business owners that this becoming is harder than it seems. Most new entrepreneurs imagine that they will eventually get to the point where they can stop working so hard and coast a while. Not on your life.The creative work of growing is never really over. The day in and day out management of the vineyard of your business is very hard work. Not only do you need to produce fruit, (which is hard enough), but you need to produce it differently. The last thing the world needs is another cheap bottle of wine. You must create a product that makes people sit up and take notice.

What is the catalyst that helps a business to age to perfection? I have got a secret for you. It is not what you are expecting. Get ready.

Dung. Yes, there is nothing like a pile of crap to produce the largest fruit.


Yes, stuff happens.The day to day operation of our business is the ultimate litmus test to reveal the strength of our preparation. Stuff never happens like the textbooks say it will happen. If we have done our planning well, we will have already avoided a few potential mistakes. It is a great advantage for any Startup to ace these preliminary tests, because that reserves our energy to battle issues that no one could ever anticipate. And there are always issues that no one could ever anticipate. Ready or not, and like it or not, here they come.

Problems are the soil improvements in the vineyard of your business. As individuals, every problem provides a choice to become bitter or better. As a business, every problem is an opportunity to gripe or grow. Sure too much dung and the fruit is burned. (That is why you need to avoid as many problems as you can!) But too little dung results in weak growth, and loss of potential.How we view the can ‘o worms makes all the difference. Stop looking at your problems as if Capitalism is out to get you. When life hands you dung, make fertilizer.

The shift can happen! Not only can problems strengthen and prepare you for new opportunities, but dung has already proven its potential to produce a bumper crop.

Here’s to enjoying the fruit of your labors. Clink.