Do you work with a Star?

NASA astronaut

Today’s Imagination Hat is inspired by the Moonwalk. No, not that moonwalk, though Michael Jackson is certainly The Pro. I am speaking of Neil Armstrong’s Moonwalk, which happened 45 years ago yesterday. I remember the day vividly. My teacher wheeled the squeaky-wheeled AV cart into the classroom, turned on the black and white TV, adjusted for the static, dimmed the lights, and turned up the volume. We sat for what seemed the entire day, watching in awe while Neil Armstrong stepped down onto the surface of the Moon. My mouth was agape, and at the same time, not agape enough. My youthful expression had no comprehension at all of all that had transpired in the heart and head of mankind to bring this Giant Leap to pass. My youthfulness had no comprehension of the “Right Stuff” required. I was still too close to the world of fairy tales to know that what I was watching wasn’t in the normal course of human events, but rather the realization of a millennia of the hopes and dreams of mankind–that to be physically standing on that small silver orb.

To be honest, this Moonwalk Anniversary couldn’t have happened at a better time for me. The news reports for the past few days, as you already know, have been crushing. This Moonwalk Anniversary announcement coming across my Twitter feed was a much needed reminder that we while humans are capable of great evil, we are also capable of great good, fantastic feats, and brilliant bravery. I see small businesses doing these feats as well. When I see a business begin with a clear vision and with the goal of solving the problems that exist on earth, and I see people work together to accomplish big things? It restores my sense of Hope. It reminds me of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “When it is dark enough, you can see the Stars.” I have seen these Stars. I work with some of them. Maybe you do too.

Is your business working to solve a problem? Every day, you also can be one of those Stars. You may never Moonwalk in either capacity. But you have the opportunity every day to make the world a better place for your clients. You do not have to go to the Moon to do it.  And we can start today.

That’s this week’s Imagination Hat.