Even If You Had All the Information in the World

book learning hat

This week’s Imagination Hat is an encouragement to learn and apply! Many Entrepreneurs believe that the reason they are not successful is because there is some elusive bit of information that they have not found yet.  Or they believe if they implicitly follow “The 10 Rules to Business Success” touted by some famous business guru, they will be successful too. Maybe. But most of the time, sorry to say, maybe not. Even if you had all the information in the world, and memorized all the content of the entire Entrepreneurship Manual, (if there were a book like this), we are not studying this stuff just to pass some university test. Think of it this way. All the information in the world will not help if it is the wrong information. All the information in the world will not resurrect a poor idea. All the information in the world will do nothing without application. And beyond all that, even if you if you did pass the university test, only solving real world problems will sustain a business anyway. Yes, observe, learn, and get the information you need. But then think for yourself–don’t follow. Apply what you know with a bigger purpose than to be some reservoir of business knowledge. Use it to benefit someone else. That is this week’s Imagination Hat!