Small and Swimming Up Stream

Small and Swimming Upstream?

by Dallas J. Moore

When people think about brands and businesses, the best and the biggest are often thought of first. As a small business or startup, there are aspirations to one day be at that level. We would encourage you to shoot for the moon, always.

 There are, however benefits to being small and swimming up stream. As a business grows, expenses and overhead grows with it. Your brand can be impacted by the economy much more, changes in industry, new standards, and social economic hardships. When you are smaller, it’s easier to swim up steam and sometimes faster than those you emulate.

 Being Small Offers Opportunity

 All brands start somewhere. Many of the large brands we see today started small. They have had many years of experience and trial and errors to get them where they are today. You have much the same journey ahead. Enjoy it.

Having little to no overhead when starting a business allows you to do more with less. You learn how to bootstrap, because you don’t have an expansive marketing budget. This allows you think on your feet and be highly creative.  You will be able to travel to meet with people, attend annual events and conferences because you don’t have lengthy expenses. You also have time to decide where your money is best spent and what you can and cannot do without.

 A Handful of Employees Vs. Hundreds or Thousands

 When you only have a couple employees or business partners, you can all move fast together. Delegate work and projects, and keep everyone focused. Once you add more and more employees, you become responsible for paychecks, benefits, and keeping everyone motivated and producing.

With lower numbers, you can make more money, and grow faster. You have to think smart and fast. Hiring fifty people to your brand new business might end in disaster, unless you have customers lined up around the block.  You will get there, pace yourself.

 Build Relationships

When you’re getting started, your focus should be meeting people, networking, and building quality long-lasting relationships. Sometimes it’s not whom you know, but who knows you. In the near future you may need or want business partner, a mentor, some financial support or advice, or a graphic design firm you respect working with you.

 Many big businesses have many of these things in place. But as you build, you can pick and choose how and where you spend your time. Building relationships that will allow for future opportunities for you and your brand.