7 Reasons Why Gratitude is Good For Business

technically, the glass is always full.

Motivational gurus often state that success is 85% attitude and 15% skill. A person with a positive attitude is generally a person that is also thankful. It stands to reason that if you have an attitude of gratitude, your chances of success increase.

Here are seven ways gratitude can help your small business grow:

Gratitude provides perspective. Technically the cup is always 100% full. We can get so preoccupied with the problems that we lose sight of the really good things we already have. But business (and life) is a parallel train track: good things and bad things are always going on simultaneously, side by side. Don’t get ‘derailed’ by focusing only one side of the track. Make it a daily habit to find something to celebrate! It is always there.

Gratitude acknowledges those who have helped you get where you are. Obama’s statement ‘You didn’t build that’ caused a storm of outrage. We want credit for our hard work! But how many successful people actually say, “I did this all by myself with my own smarts and courage and good looks”? Very few. Successful people will acknowledge those who have helped them.  It takes many people working together to create a successful organization. Acknowledge your staff, and your mentors, and remember to pay it forward. Someone did it for you.

Gratitude will help us to view problems as opportunities. After business school, there is real business. Things don’t often fall in place like the textbook. Each problem is a little flag to indicate areas that need to be improved- especially if they reoccur. These flags are your heads up to fix something before it is really broke. Be grateful for the warning!

Gratitude helps us to see opportunities where others see nothing. God asked Moses what he had in his hand. Whether you believe the story is true or not is not the point. The point is that Moses thought the thing was just a stick. What do you already have? If you see it with new eyes, you may already have a solution at your disposal.

Gratitude keeps us innovating. Think of it this way: If you had everything you ever needed or wanted, most of us would sit back and relax. Hunger is good thing. Drive to improve is a good and necessary thing to sustain business. Too much success will build indifference, because at that point you really don’t have to try. You don’t need anything or anybody. Blessed are the hungry. They keep inventing.

Gratitude is attractive. An Attitude of Gratitude helps us maintain a positive outlook on life. You’ll attract more customers because you are more fun to be with. You will be easier to work for too!

Gratitude is good for your health. Studies show that Gratitude can reduce stress, keeps your immune system stronger and less susceptible to virus, and reduce the effects of stress-related illnesses. Running a business is fraught with risk. You may not be able to reduce the stress load, but you can change your attitude about it.

Happy Thanksgiving to our cherished Customers and Friends. May you and yours find many reasons to celebrate the good stuff in life throughout the Holiday Season.