Pig Readin’

Joel: We Iowan’s do things a little differently. But just because we can read a pig’s ears doesn’t mean we’re too different. Just enough, in my opinion.

Ok, truth is, probably most of us can’t read a pigs ears. But darn it all if I didn’t get the “you didn’t know that?” face when my cerebral shortcoming was made known. Evidently I was the only uninformed one in the room that day.

So I set to figure this business of pig readin’ out.

Long story short: Two ears. Four quadrants on each one. Each has a point value. Maximum of two notches made per quadrant. Minimum ¼” apart. Combination of said notches and their values equals a number. Left ear is the pig’s number, right ear is the litter number.

So this little piggy:


is affectionately known as 92-7.

Iowans are the opposite of commodity. One could argue that we’re unique to a fault. But until I stop getting a friendly wave when I let someone into my lane, I’ll proudly claim every possible person of interest that has even the slightest trace of Iowan in them. We all do it. It’s pretty funny.

Doing things a little differently is a risk. But with it comes considerable economic advantage. What do you get when you shamelessly flaunt the unique (and sometimes embarrassing) qualities of our state for 11 straight days in August? A million people paying at least $7 bucks each just to see it.

etc!graphics loves the unique. We enjoy finding out why your business is different than the next. That’s what gets our brain juices flowing. Our idea of a good time? Delivering the finished logo concept that starts your company on a unique pathway to a polished Iowa establishment. We’ve been doing it since 1988, and we’re pleased as Hot Beef Sundae!