Stereotypes Are A Real Timesaver

Stereotype your ideal client.

Yes, you heard me, and I meant it.  But not in the way that you might be thinking…

I once saw a T-shirt from The Onion that had “Stereotypes are a real timesaver” emblazoned across the front.  Funny, a little off color, but in a business sense, very true.  When you look at your list of customers, is there one that jumps off the page?  Is there one that you would clone if you had the ability to do so?  Are they Mac or PC?  iPhone or Blackberry?  Young?  Old?  Planners?  Wing-its?  Where do they go?  What hobbies do they have?  Where is their favorite place to go for dinner?  Movie genre? 

Find the things that make your ideal client tick.  Find the things that define the essence of your ideal client.  Find the places your ideal clent hangs out, and then go there!  Chances are, if you stereotype properly, you will find that more of your ideal clients are out there.