Effective Vehicle Graphics

Great Graphics! 
Why the Great Graphics Give Away? Small business is our target market. We want our customers to reach graphic success.  The Great Graphics Give Away is our way to help you maximize resources you already own. If your company has unlabeled vehicles or trailers, you are missing a valuable advertising opportunity. And if you already have labeled vehicles, we can help you make them more effective. Great Vehicle Graphics will literally go miles for your business. How?
Cost per view. You can put great graphics on a vehicle for the same or less cost than one ad in the newspaper. Print ads are limited in time and exposure. Your vehicle is seen many times during the normal course of daily business and life of the vehicle. Pennies per view! 

Visibility. Even if you only own a few vehicles, great graphics will get noticed. You will be surprised how many people will say they ‘see you all over town’, because they actually do.  They actually see you. 

Advertising Horsepower.Repeat your marketing message on all your vehicles and own several mobile billboards!
 So what makes graphics great?  Great graphics are:

• Planned. Great graphics are planned by strategic design. Effective vehicle graphics are synced with the big picture marketing plan. With no plan, a business may put its best foot forward, but the second shoe doesn’t match.
• Relevant. Great graphics have a focused message, and the main message is the first thing you see. The message connects with the desired target audience, and should set your completely apart from your competitors.
• Consistent. Want to be memorable?  Great graphics are consistent and faithfully reproduced each time. If you need to gain more visibility for your business, consistency is key.
• Effective. Great graphics are designed so the important things are visible first from a reasonable distance. Every detail is coordinated and consistent.
Great Graphics do NOT:
• alter your company logo or colors.
• use the exact same colors your main competitor uses.
• add multiple irrelevant ‘effects’ until the message is lost.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
• state the Gettysburg Address in two square feet. People don’t have time to read very much as a vehicle goes whizzing by. Keep it simple.
• use narrow letters or highly decorated letters for bullet lists or common information. From a distance, they are too hard to read.
• use large graphic images that have nothing to do with your line of business.
• look like you did-it-yourself. Would you, or should you cut your own hair, even if you can? Ineffective advertising is very expensive. Pay for professional design once, and the replication of that design will be an investment, not an expense. Or worse yet, a liability. 
• forget to add the phone number or website contact information to the back of your vehicle.
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