visual focus

How would you your advertising to make some noise and yield more return?

What song is your business playing? What genre is that song? What clients are you hoping to attract?

Only after you define your audience can you get the show on the road. You wouldn’t sell rock concert tickets at a senior center.  Or find many buyers for symphony tickets at the local farm progress show. Yet many small business owners are convinced their target market is ‘everybody’. Think about this: if you tried to put on a concert that appealed to everyone, how many tickets do you think you would sell? By trying to get more sales, you would actually be getting less. By clarifying expectations, you get more.

How well do you know your clients? Do you know where you fit in the marketplace, and what problems you are really solving for your clients? We can help you find more fans by helping you to define your audience. Then we can strategize how to attract them.

It’s like adding rocket fuel to your advertising campaign.