join the movement

Join the movement. Get the goods.

Like prizes? We don’t want you to miss this. Announcing a new kind of union:

The United Alliance of People Who Win Stuff. Local 515.

Remember when you were a kid and you had to go shopping with your Mom? With sufficient whining you could convince her a reward was in order, simply because you endured. Picking out your favorite breakfast cereal wasn’t hard. Throw the cereal away. You were digging for the ‘prize inside’

In a lot of ways, we are still very much like that. We still crave a prize just for enduring now and then. Even small carrots can keep us striving for the goal. But now you don’t have to fuss, whine, or even dig for it. Just stay tuned to our social media venues, or sign up for ‘stay-tuned’ email alerts, and you’ll be shown how you can participate in any periodic prize give away.

The prizes? They will be 75% nice and 25% kinda weird. Some planned, some spontaneous improv. Can’t guarantee what the team will dream up, but we can guarantee you’ll have fun. You may even win something valuable for yourself or for your business.

Why are we doing this? We have been blessed, and we have decided to bless you back.

And, we just like to have some fun!

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